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Battery charging / replacement

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Battery of a laptop is sort of heart to a laptop. Without battery, you are not able to use the laptop as a laptop. Main comfort in using laptop instead of a desktop is because you can use laptop without power cable attached to it. Battery makes it possible. So if the battery doesn’t work, you need to sit near a power adapter to ensure working of laptop. This is tiring…

If your battery doesn’t give power backup, its time to replace it. Some batteries also offer recharging options. This way it can be used for a few months more. We would suggest to go for replacement and always look for a genuine Grade A battery for your laptop.

At about $100 on average, laptop batteries are quite expensive, so replacing them often is not an option for most people. This piece of equipment is designed to last about 2 years under normal circumstances, but its life period can often be shorter.

Therefore, if your battery has died or is about to die, but your laptop works fine otherwise, even though it may be old, the most obvious solution is to take it to a repair shop near you. The pros there should be able to fix the battery so that you don’t have to purchase a new one just yet.

If your laptop still works, but its operating system is confused regarding the capacity of the battery, it means you have an old battery that is dying and that may need recalibrating.

When this is the case, the operating system often shows you still have a certain number of minutes remaining, but the battery either outlasts that or dies either much sooner. Other times, the battery is unable to fully charge, no matter how long you keep it plugged in.

The main reasons for this problem are:

a) you never allowed the battery to become fully discharged, or
b) you always keep your laptop plugged in.

If you find these problems, you can simply give us a call and our expert shall recalibrate your battery at a very minimum cost.

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