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Keyboard repair

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It’s funny when you see a notification on a laptop while booting which says “Keyboard Error – Press Any Key to Continue”. It means the laptop is not detecting the keyboard. Before moving ahead, you have to connect an external keyboard. But you need to find the solution as without a keyboard, your laptop is incomplete.

Most of the time, quality keyboards die because of abuse. Not necessarily intentional, but abuse nonetheless. A few drops of any beverage with acid it in will surely cause eventual failure. This would include almost any juice (most are “vitamin fortified” which included citric acid) or soda.

Most common damage to a laptop keyboard is liquid spilled on it. This causes short circuit and eventually your laptop stops working. This is alarming situation at the start, but no need to worry as our experts have solution to this problem also. You just have to give us a call and leave the rest on us.

We have expertise as well as experience of repairing all type of keyboards so why not head towards our store to get your keyboard fixed in no time.

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