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LCD repair / replacement

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Damaged LCD is another common problem faced by users of computers, laptops, and mobiles. The broken or damaged screen shows lines, patterns, or even black spots which increase over time. Major damage makes the complete dark screen or it doesn’t even turn on.

Trying to repair yourself may cause long term damage. So it is deemed wise to contact any specialist or expert to do the repair work. Major laptops that are used nowadays like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Macbook, are repaired at our office with minimal costs. We keep an inventory of running laptops so to make sure the service is quick.

If you have some out of the market or special laptop, then contact us and we shall get its required parts and accessories for you.

Before sending a laptop for screen repair or replacement, give your laptop a full look-over and inspection to ensure the screen needs replacement. If the graphics card on the motherboard is dead, for instance, you may be wasting your time and effort on replacing a perfectly good screen. Additionally, if the laptop has been recently dropped or otherwise possibly physically harmed, you’ll want to double-check for other damage as well.

To ensure the graphics card is functioning, you can plug a desktop monitor or TV into the laptop, as most have a standard blue VGA monitor and/or an HDMI output. If the picture looks good on an external display, your graphics card is likely good and the screen is at fault. If you don’t get any picture, keep in mind some laptops require you to press certain function keys on the laptop to activate external display output. If you do that and video still doesn’t display, your graphics card and/or motherboard is likely broken, rather than your screen.

If the laptop outputs to another display successfully, use the computer for a while to ensure the keyboard and other laptop components appear to be functioning normally.

Once you are done with the inspection and you know that the screen is at fault, just give us a call and we shall be there to help you out. Our team can visit your place as well as you can come over to our office for the repair and replacement.

We prefer repair over replacement as it saves your cost.

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