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Water Damage

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When we talk about mobiles, very limited mobiles are water-resistant. Most of the models are water absorbent. This means, they are not WATER PROOF. If you go swimming with your mobile in the pocket, you are going to lose it once for all. Talking about Laptops and computers, there is no such thing as water-resistant. So, you have to be very careful when working on your device and don’t sit near water to avoid such an accident. Major effects of water damage on any device include loss of data, a short circuit in the device, which results in permanent damage.

Devices damaged by water can be rescued if we get to them as soon as within a few hours, before water damages inside circuits of devices. Our staff is available 24/7 to guide you step by step procedure to save your device from major damage and loss. We help our customers in repairing the water damaged device. Our priority is usually to save the motherboard and master chip from getting damaged by water as well as saving data loss. Nowadays, the data in your device is more worthwhile than the device itself.

So, if you have poured some water on your device, just try to put it in a vertical place to avoid spreading of water inside the device and bring it to CyberPros USA as soon as possible and we will be able to minimize your loss to the extent. We have saved many water damaged phones. Please keep it off and do not try turning it on to minimize the risk of losing it.

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